The bottom within the hierarchy of valuable metallic named credit cards, silver credit cards have been round because the conception of credit cards within the mid-1950s. Immediately silver cards have been surpassed in status by gold credit cards and platinum credit cards and so have extra generally come to be generally known as ‘customary’ or ‘fundamental’ credit cards 신용카드현금.

Benefits of silver credit cards

The benefits that silver credit cards have over different forms of cards embody:

* decrease annual membership charges (if any)

* decrease threshold wage which it’s worthwhile to earn if you wish to apply

* the identical credit restrict as different credit cards when you have a superb credit historical past or handle your card sensibly

* zero% curiosity for between 6 – 9 months when transferring your account steadiness from one credit supplier to a different

The straightforward truth is, if you’re not that fussed over the ‘picture’ you painting if you end up out shopping along with your credit card, and are extra involved with the way you handle your credit card debit, then silver credit cards are actually extra beneficial than some other credit cards on provide.

Disadvantages of silver credit cards

* decrease money withdrawal limits

* much less rewards in rewards promotion packages, corresponding to a decrease proportion price money again return with money again credit cards or decrease airmiles with airmile credit cards

* much less travel perks – for instance, when you have a gold or platinum card you could be entitled to automated upgrades when travelling, however as there are way more customary silver credit cardholders, it’s unlikely this profit might be afforded to you as properly

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